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Coquitlam Wet Basement Repair

It is obviously better to deal with the leaky basement and dampness early on so as to minimize the damage and the wet basement repair costs or waterproofing services. It is generally a good habit to prevent a problem rather than waiting for it to grow and collapse under the damages.


Molds for example are unhygienic and can cause health issues such as asthma attacks and allergic reactions to some people who are exposed to it. And health concerns aside, it is a good discipline to keep a house clean and safe. Letting things in disrepair pile up makes the sum of the problems even more distressing compared to maintaining a clean and safe house.

Coquitlam Wet Basement.jpg

Most water problems occur in the basement or foundation areas of homes and businesses. Simple technologies, like drain tiles, help to remove excess and standing water from basements before it becomes an issue. AW Excavating & Drainage is your tile drain installation, cleaning and repair experts. Call today for an in home estimate on installing a drain in your tile. For a drain tile system to be effective, it needs to be installed properly

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