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Wet Basement Waterproofing

Do You Need Waterproofing Services Around Your Property?
Do you have damage to your foundation or to your home that requires waterproofing services?
Do you have cracks in a concrete slab or weeping tiles around your property that requires waterproofing services?
We provide waterproofing services in the Greater Vancouver area today!


Increases your home’s value, ensure your peace of mind get a permanent solution, a dry waterproof basement adds useable square footage to your home, increases the value to your home and protects your largest investment. A wet basement is not a good living area OR safe for storage and it offers little use.

AW Excavating & Drainage solutions permanently protect your basement from water leaks and give you peace of mind. When you deal with us, you deal with professionals that are on time, friendly, respectful and have years of experience in order to solve your problem once and for all. All of our work comes with up to a 10-year warranty .

Coping with a basement that allows water into your home is always a problem. Even if it’s dry today, melting snow or rain can bring trouble again. With AW Excavating & Drainage we waterproof your property once and for all, so that you never have the same problem again.

AW Excavating & Drainage – A waterproofing service provider, provides waterproofing services in the Greater Vancouver area. Whether you need foundation concrete waterproofing services or outdoor slab waterproofing services, we can take care of your waterproofing today! Over the years, we have become one of the many home owners choice to find that their houses are in need of repairs and even renovations so as to save their homes and not completely fall down to disrepair.

While some do not mind letting minor problems and conditions live on, these minor problems may soon develop into serious ones that need waterproofing service. These are already major problems that lurk underneath the surface cracks and molds. For some home owners, routine inspections of their homes help them find problems early on before they even grow into serious structural damages. For them, they are able to hire waterproofing services with much less expense and with little worry on their part. Some choose to tackle the problem at hand as a do-it-yourself project but with unsatisfactory results due to inadequate knowledge and expertise. Leaks, moisture and flooding create other damages such as formation and spreading of molds and damaged objects stored in the basement where the water finds its way out.

It is obviously better to deal with the leaky basement and dampness early on so as to minimize the damage and the wet basement repair costs or waterproofing services. It is generally a good habit to prevent a problem rather than waiting for it to grow and collapse under the damages. Molds for example are unhygienic and can cause health issues such as asthma attacks and allergic reactions to some people who are exposed to it. And health concerns aside, it is a good discipline to keep a house clean and safe. Letting things in disrepair pile up makes the sum of the problems even more distressing compared to maintaining a clean and safe house.

From standard waterproofing services to custom waterproofing design services, we can handle any project, large or small. We also offer home waterproofing services, concrete slab installation, concrete slab replacement, concrete slab repair, concrete slab restoration and other solutions such as water sealing or sealant, foundation waterproofing services plus many other types of concrete waterproofing services.of the problems even more distressing compared to maintaining a clean and safe house.

At AW Excavating & Drainage - A premiere waterproofing services provider in the Greater Vancouver area, we try to understand the needs of our customers. When we perform a waterproofing service, we place as much emphasis on the waterproofing as to the comfort of the client, cleanliness of the job site and the timeline and budget. We know how important it is to keep mess and debris to a minimum in order to create a safe environment for pedestrians and our customers near the job site. AW Excavating & Drainage has the ability, experience, and resources to make all the required repairs required to make your home safe. We provide great service at a great value taking in mind your time frame and budget. We can handle any of your waterproofing needs, from fixing and sealing the problem area to installing a brand new water resistant concrete slab in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area today!

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Wet basement

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