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Land Clearing Services

Increase Your Property Value & Add Appeal to your Land!!!

We will clean-up your lot or property by removing unwanted growth, scrub brush and trees, trash including tires and other unwanted items. By removing the unwanted trees and underbrush you add tremendous value to your property.

Cleared lots typically sell for 5-20% more then uncleared lots. It allows prospective buyers to walk the property rather than crawling thru brush and debris and enables them to envision the location of their new home. Fence lines should be taken care of twice a year or as needed. Grass and weeds can reduce the life of your fence by half; clearing up the fence line will ensure you get the full value and life out of your fence.

AW Excavating will help you increase curb appeal and make your lot stand out from the rest. This will help you sell your property and increase the value. Many companies only cut trees, shrubs and other growth down leaving the tree stumps in the ground. This can cost you more money in the long run if these stumps are located where you plan on building.

A good builder will have to remove these stumps before building and will typically have to rent a backhoe to pry these stumps out of the ground. In addition, the stumps can become a breeding ground for termites. We have equipment to remove the stumps from your property.

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