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AW Excavating and drainage services tile drainage systems and clearing your drainage pipes along with installation a brand new drainage system.

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AW Excavating & Drainage
serving the Greater Vancouver areas from Hope to West Vancouver
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AW Excavating & Drainage are your wet basement experts. Our skilled technicians have the experience and know how to correctly diagnose the main cause of your flooded basement or wet crawl space.

Whether you have a broken or blocked drain tile, a backed up sump or faulty back water valve our team will quickly and correctly diagnose the problem and come up with a plan to permanently fix your situation. Our team will install your new drainage system using only the highest quality of materials and installation procedures.

Drain tile replacement can be one of the largest home and property improvements that you make. AW Excavating and Drainage systems are installed with top of the line drainage systems to not only solve your drainage problems but to upgrade the quality of your home, eliminating moisture and dampness foundation waterproofing techniques.

Do you have a soggy back yard?

Wet lawns are a common occurrence in Western Canada and with 
AW Excavating Drainage we can design and install a yard drainage system that will allow you to enjoy your property the way it is meant to be. We can help control surface water and eliminate soggy lawns. We also install parking lot drainage systems, sumps, catch basins, and manholes. Give us a call — chances are we can solve your drainage issues.

Wet basements and leaky crawl spaces are drainage problems that can be caused by something as simple as a crack in a foundation wall or the root system from a nearby tree clogging the existing drain tile. Roof drains can deliver debris from the roof and gutters directly to the drain tile causing blocked pipes or even a plugged sump or sewer line. Sometimes it’s as simple as a faulty sump pump.

AW Excavating & Drainage can fix sumps pumps, storm drains or sanitary sewers. We also install and service sumps, sump pumps, catch basins, manholes and holding tanks. We locate sumps and service sump pumps so its important to know that your sump is in working order if it’s not you could end up with a flooded basement or crawl space. Storm drainage systems can back up and cause flooding in parking lots, driveway drains and underground garages. Sanitary Sewage backups can be devastating, root bound sewerlines are a common cause of sewer back ups. AW Drain can clear sewer lines using specialized drain cleaning equipment.

We highly recommend home inspections if you’re considering buying or selling a home or property to get a complete diagnostic of the drainage sewer along with a water inspection.

Not all drainage problems require a complete redo of the drainage system. Sometimes its as simple as a quick hydro flush or sump service. Give AW Excavating & Drainage a call and one of our skilled technicians will be happy to inspect the existing system and design a permanent repair for your situation.